Out of every letter in the acronym STEM, ‘M’ is arguably the most important - Maths underpins every area of ‘STE.’ Whether you're an Engineer calculating the forces present on a new component, a Physicist calculating the properties of a particle or a computer scientist trying to make your code as efficient as possible, Maths is the universal language of the modern world.

‘Maths is too hard is the cry of many students. To some, maths represents an abstract evil. Failure at early stages can lead to giving up, leading to further failure. Thus a vicious circle is born.
In this webinar, we discuss a novel idea - how to use new technologies like Möbius to meet students where they are, re-build their confidence and unlock their potential.
  • Why [some] students hate Maths
  • How Adaptive Assignments can be used to boost confidence
  • How to tailor material based on individual student performance

Registration for this webinar is now closed, but you can view the recording by clicking here.

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