Join us for a 15-minute demo webinar on enhancing (or introducing) your mathematics placement testing with Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite. In this session, you will learn how the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) partnered with DigitalEd to create the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite to deliver a powerful and practical solution for accurately evaluating students' entry-level mathematical competencies.

The three learning outcomes from this webinar will be:

  • Discover how Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite can save costs, provide student support, and offer unmatched value and service.

  • Learn how to administer placement tests easily, receive instant results, and fully control your testing with flexible delivery and customizability.

  • Understand the superior content of MAA placement tests, created by experts, statistically validated, authentic, and aligned with entry-level mathematics courses.

  • Find out how Möbius reflects a new era of fairness in assessment, characterized by expertly crafted content, objective evaluation, and equitable practices.

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